Keith Thompson is the Founder of KTX Fitness.  Keith grew up as an obese child. In 2008, he was working as an IT professional weighing nearly 300lbs.  He was frustrated with his weight and health.  Keith was bored with diets, books and the gym until he attended a step class and loved it.  Keith ultimately lost over 70 lbs.

Passion for fitness motivated Keith to become certified as a group instructor with the AFAA.  Keith started teaching classes at a nationwide gym. While the gym was fond of Keith, management became concerned with his untraditional approach to teaching.  This led to Keith and the gym amicably parting ways. With a desire for helping to transform lives and his love for step and cycling, KTX Fitness was born.

Not only has KTX Fitness become a hit in class but outside of class as well, with over a million shares on social media and multiple viral videos. People from all over the world are watching Keith’s high energy leadership over hip-hop, rhythm and blues base lines.  KTX’s Cycle, Step, Bands and Zumba are uniquely different and literally an exercise party as it provides a fun and challenging workout that is sure to have participants working every muscle.

Keith has developed programs for children as young as 5 years old to Seniors. It is truly a program that can be enjoyed by everyone.  In addition to his fitness skills, Keith is a motivational speaker.  Teaching and inspiring individuals around the world to transform their lives while having fun doing it.

Keith is also the Founder of the Fit for Life Foundation. The mission is to encourage communities to join the movement for being Fit for Life by caring for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Keith has appeared on the Roland Martin Show, The Braxton Show, The Rickey Smiley Show, Married to Medicine Show, Good Morning Atlanta and The Queen Latifah Show. He was featured in Men’s Health Magazine 2017. He was named CNN’s Best Trainer of the Year. Keith runs two studios in Atlanta. He is also running studios in California. He currently tours in Peru, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.K., Turks & Caicos, Brazil, Nigeria, and Toronto, Mongolia, Australia, Korea and Canada. Keith hosted the largest cycling class in South Korea (1,500 cyclists) in 2017 and will be hosting this tour again in 2019.

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